Air Frame Mirrors

Our inflated mirrors are available in a range of sizes and finishes, from floor standing mirror polished signature pieces to luxurious gold plated wall mirrors.

Whatever you decide on, each mirror will have its own uniqueness due to slight variations created during the inflation process. So you can rest assured you're getting a one off!

Let us know what you have in mind and we'll make it our mission to figure out the perfect mirror for you



155cm (L) x 8cm (D) x 75cm (W)
195cm (L) x 10cm (D) x 75cm (W)
150cm (L) x 8cm (D) x  100cm (W)
195cm (L) x 10cm (D) x 100cm (W)
240cm (L) x 10cm (D) x 150cm (W)
100cm (L) x 8cm (D) x 100cm (W)
140cm (L) x 9cm (D) x 140cm (W)
195cm (L) x 10cm (D) x 195cm (W)


Mirror polished stainless steel or satin stainless steel with laminated glass insert

Lead time

Standard orders 6-8 weeks (contact us for custom lead times)

Custom Finish / Bespoke Sizes

Stainless steel coloured finish using Colourtex® or Steel Colour® (includes a variety of colours including black, blue, bronze, champagne, charcoal, gold, green and red). Textures, patterns and surface effects are also available and techniques such as etching and embossing with patterns or custom designs can also be arranged

Powder coating using RAL colour matching

Super Mirror stainless steel (grain-free finish with reflective qualities like a glass mirror, Super Mirror offers as near a perfect polish that can be produced on stainless steel. Often used for the frame and insert (instead of laminated glass) so that the frame and mirror blend into a more seamless aesthetic form 

Gold plating (24kt or 18kt) and copper plating also available on request

For custom sizing please contact us with your measurements and we'll take care of the rest for you