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Limitless Possibilities...


Here at Full Blown we patented the process of inflating or 'blowing' metal back in 2001

Our first inflated metal chair appeared in Blueprint Magazine in November 1995 and we've been developing the process ever since. Blown Metal™ offers a beautiful, unique and durable solution for any interior or exterior space. It is a lightweight, high strength material that can be produced for the most hard-wearing and robust of material applications. 

We developed Blown Metal™ as an alternative to traditional metal forming processes. It is a completely new way of forming metal with vast potential for multiple applications. Like blown glass, it has beautiful surface finishes. And, like soft inflatables, it also has limitless shaping and size capabilities. Blown Metal™ combines all of this with the strength, durability and permanence of metal.

We offer a largely custom design service, which extends to all areas, but have a number of award-winning products now in our collection, such as the Squeeze radiator (winner of the prestigious MaterialPREIS Award and Northern Design Award) and our modular screen (which recently won Interior Design's Best of Year Award 2015). We are proud to deliver solutions for high concept interiors, large scale installations and architectural design. 

We have been involved in important commissions over the years, with our unique and innovative material attracting some of the greatest talent in interior design and architecture, allowing our team to work with highly innovative clients.


Specific services are offered for our trade and commercial customers. We have a lot of experience creating tailored design solutions, whether it's large scale installations or unique commissioned pieces.

Whether you would like to join us in a collaboration or stock existing products, customise or specify an entirely new design for a project, we are happy to help. Our custom service extends to all areas, such as furnishings, shop fittings or architectural projects.

We provide a service that allows architects, interior designers and commercial customers with the flexibility to apply their designs to suit individual projects, developing designs and processes to suit their requirements. 

We also utilise existing products, designs and production processes to create tailored design solutions and unique commissioned pieces. A huge variety of colours, textures, patterns and surface effects are also available, even 24ct gold or copper plating. Contact us below for further details.